Paint, Wood And Chopsticks 6"H x 45"W Old Wood & Paslode Nails 14" H x 8" W
Painted Pegs 8"H x 8"W "Patrick's Pegs" 12"H x 12"W Painted Wood
"Pegs and Loops" 12"H x 12"W Painted Wood & String "PPPPegs" 8"H x 12"W Painted Wood
Wood Box with Metal Spiral 18"H x 8"W Wood & Mix of Objects 18"H x 8"W
Wooden Box Assemblage 8"H x 4"W Old Wood with Washers 19"H x 13"W
Old Wood and Spirals 12"H x 7.5"W Old Wood with Rusty Nails 13"H x 7.5"W
Assemblage of Found Objects 20"H x 12"W Painted Wood with Washers 27"H x 10"W
Old Wood with Found Object 24"H x 11"W Old Wood with Washers 30"H x 24"W
Old Wood with Metal Objects 34"H x 23"W Old Wood with Washers and Painted Canvas 13"H x 4"W
Old Wood with Painted Objects and String 41"H X 21"W Wood Paint and Metal Screen 6"H x 37"W
"Whole Note" 37"H x 17"W Particle Board with Sewing Needle 13"H x 10"W